Vendors & Subcontractors

Amethyst Construction Inc. utilizes subcontractors for various specialty types of construction on our projects. These subcontractors are chosen based on proven qualifications and competitive pricing. We require all subcontractors to be licensed and insured. All work by our subcontractors are supervised by Amethyst employees to insure that the quality of work meets the highest standards of our industry. We continually take quotes and inquiries from interested subcontractors and invite all interested parties to submit their company information to us prior to each letting for review.

Our vendors supply materials for each project based on meeting specifications of the project. We take written quotes on each material for each project from approved sources. Each material source is reviewed to insure that the material quoted meets the project specifications and that the supplier is capable of meeting our time schedule for delivery. We invite each material supplier to submit quotations on a project basis prior to the letting. No quotes are accepted from suppliers after a letting date to insure fairness to all suppliers.